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About Compass Center, Inc

Compass Center, Inc. is a growing multidisciplinary pediatric therapy agency, therapist owned and founded by parents of a special needs and medically complex child. Our goal is to have a team with compassion who will share our vision to give exceptional services that go above and beyond the standards of care and practice to the families in our communities.

The mission of our company was always very clear and simple to us. It is grounded on a foundation built from experiencing first hand the frustration, sense of powerlessness, and challenges of navigating the uncharted waters of pediatric therapies. The sea turtle represents Compass Center, Inc for many reasons and on many levels. In nature, sea turtles have an innate magnetic compass to guide them and as new parents we lacked a sense of navigation and direction. Compass Center, Inc. was created to guide and support families like ours throughout the process of pediatric therapies and feeding challenges.

Suely C. John, M.S.
CEO/Compass Center, Inc.

Our Office Locations


22800 Lyons Avenue, Suite 110,
Newhall, CA 91321

(805) 619-7329



671 W. Tefft Street, Suite 14, Nipomo, CA 93444



3350 Shelby Street, Suite 200,
Ontario 91764

(818) 208-0164

*At this time, Compass Center, Inc. Nipomo Office is private-pay only and does not accept or work with any insurance plans. We are considered  an out-of-network provider and our services are often covered by out-of-network benefits. We recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting services to learn how much your particular plan will reimburse you. An itemized superbill that includes all necessary information, including diagnostic and treatment codes is available upon request. 

Self-Determination Program (SDP)

Compass Center, Inc. is now accepting SDP funding!

The Self-Determination Program (SDP) is available to all eligible Regional Center families. The SDP will allow families to have more flexibility, choices of services, and control over decisions regarding the future of their child’s programs.