Self-Determination Program

Self-Determination Program (SDP)

Compass Center, Inc. is now accepting SDP funding!

What is SDP?

The Self-Determination Program (SDP) is available to all eligible Regional Center families. The SDP will allow families to have more flexibility, choices of services, and control over decisions regarding the future of their child’s programs.

We will work closely with each family to determine their immediate needs and design a program that will address their IPP goals.

What do we offer?

Community Integration Service Code 331

What is the Community Integration Program?

Community Integration Program helps the participant attain or maintain their maximum level of functioning, interdependence and independence and/or increase and improve self-help, socialization, and communication. These services may include socialization and community awareness, communication skills, visual, auditory and tactile awareness and perception experiences, and self- advocacy skills. Our program can reinforce skills or lessons taught in school, therapy or other settings and allow for new skills to develop in a fun and supportive environment.

What are the parents' most reported fears?

We know that as parents, and we have heard from parents that it is extremely scary and challenging to go outside and explore the world when your child has a lack of community and safety awareness, elopement and at many times they will engage in high intensity public meltdowns due to a variety of reasons. This creates a cycle of avoidance for the parents, and we want to help you with that. We want your family and your child to learn the skills necessary to access and participate in their local community and events.

What does the program look like?

Your Community Integration Program Team will always ensure your child’s safety when out in the community. Your child will always have their own trained therapist and frequent supervision by the Program Director. You will have a direct and open line of communication with the Program Director and we will listen to your concerns and fears, as well as your goals for this program. We will collaborate with you with the programming of the activities and monthly calendars.

We understand the high level of anxiety that parents feel and the high level of trust that we have to earn from you. We have set our standards of practice to go above and beyond what we would want for our own children, so we can take care of yours!

We have gone to Dodger’s Fan Appreciation Day, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Farmer’s Markets, Libraries, Community Events, Swimming Days, Bowling, taken public transportation, shopping at Target, and so many more fun events. At each of these outings, we make sure to work on the IPP goals and address the specific CI goals for your child that are assessed during the intake evaluation.

More detailed info about Community Integration

This service is provided to participants tailored to their specific personal outcomes related to the acquisition, improvement and/or retention of skills and abilities to prepare and support the participant for community participation, interdependence, and independence.

This service supports the full access to engage in community life, control personal resources, and receive services in the community, to the same degree of access as individuals not receiving these services. In addition, this service assists the participant to learn the skills needed to participate in the community during integrated activities with individuals who are non-disabled.

The participant selects this service from among service options including non-disability specific settings. The service options are based on the participant’s individualized needs and preferences.

The participant receives this service in settings that are integrated in and supports full access to the greater community, and allows for participant comfort, interdependence, independence, preferences, and use of any technology. The participant’s choices are incorporated into the services and supports and his/her essential personal rights of privacy, dignity and respect, and freedom from coercion are protected. The service settings must allow the participant to control personal resources and his/her schedule and activities. In addition, the settings must allow the participant to receive breaks in the same manner as a non-disabled individual.

Community Integration Supports are provided in the manner specified by the planning team to assist participants with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization and adaptive skills through therapeutic and/or physical activities to achieve the participant’s personally defined outcomes. These services and supports may take place in a wide variety of community-based settings that promote community integration. Services may be provided on a regularly scheduled basis, for one or more days per week. These services are not provided in the participant’s residence.

These services and supports enable the participant to attain or maintain his or her maximum functional level, interdependence, and independence, including the facilitation of connections to community events and activities. In addition, these services and supports may serve to reinforce skills or lessons taught in school, therapy, or other settings, enabling the participant to integrate into the community.

Services and supports to assist the participant to increase and improve self-help, socialization, community integration, and adaptive skills, may include:

a. Socialization and community awareness.
b. Communication skills.
c. Visual, auditory and tactile awareness, and perception experiences.
d. Development of appropriate peer interactions and self-advocacy skills.
e. Art and recreation programs.
f. Continuing Education i.e., classes that help participants explore interests or improve academic skills or complete a high school equivalency (GED) diploma while in an inclusive setting
g. Senior and faith-based groups.
h. Peer mentoring.
i. Mobility services, i.e., the access and use of public transportation or other modes of transportation, including access to peer-to-peer ride sharing.
j. Friendship and relationship building

***Compass Center, Inc. does not provide transportation to and from location/event for the CI Program. Parents/Guardians will coordinate drop off and pick up locations for each CI outing with the Program Director.

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